MKS Lending LLC does business as Trusted Lending Center in AZ, CO, KS, MO, NM, and WA, and as Tranckino Lending Center in CA and OR. MKS Lending LLC is Equal Housing Lender and an Illinois Residential Mortgage Broker. We comply with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) and all other State and Federal regulations. All applicants applying for credit will never be discouraged on on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, military status, marital status, age, or because you get public assistance. All information we request is voluntary, and will be kept confidential. For more information on the ECOA, please click here:

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New Mexico



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NMLS — 1018196

Nationwide Multistate Licensing System/
Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry

Michael Tranckino: 508226
Katie Tranckino: 1021313
Rick Florez: 233516
William Acres: 226347
Justin Kahut: 2391374
Sarah McField: 2454976

Arizona — Mortgage Broker 0932151 / Mortgage Banker 1001822

Michael Tranckino: 931823
Katie Tranckino: 1002829
Rick Florez: 0912270
William Acres: 0912211
Justin Kahut: 1045752

California — 60DBO-131575 (dba Tranckino Lending Center)

Michael Tranckino: CA-DFPI508226
Rick Florez: CA-DFPI233516
Justin Kahut: CA-DFPI2391374

Colorado — 1018196

Michael Tranckino: 100047548
Justin Kahut: 100537853

Kansas — MC.0025184

Michael Tranckino: LO.0028832
Katie Tranckino: LO.0037323

Missouri — 21-2123

Michael Tranckino: 7350-MLO
Sarah McField: 2454976

New Mexico — 1018196

Michael Tranckino: 508226
Rick Florez: 233516

Oregon — 1018196 (dba Tranckino Lending Center)

Michael Tranckino: 508226
Justin Kahut: 2391374

Washington — CL-1018196

Michael Tranckino: MLO-508226
Justin Kahut: MLO-2391374

Branch Licenses



3514 North Power Road, Suite 128
Mesa, Arizona 85215


License: 1023440

435 Nichols Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64112

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